Welcome to Room on the Park

It is with much sadness and regret that we have unfortunately had the door on Room on the Park and Bentley Social Club closed on us. Bentley Country Park Limited finally got there way and fore closed the lease on a technicality,despite our best efforts it would take over a month to get this overturned in the courts by which time the damaged would be irrecoverable.

John and I over the last 11 years have met some amazing people. We would like to thank all our regulars,our friends you know who you are, for your support. We thank everyone of you who have celebrated a wedding, birthday engagement, and anniversairy with us and hope your memories will last as will ours. We are absolutely devastated that this weekend we are not able to support a special charity event and also 70th birthday we tried to appeal to their better nature but they do not have one!

We want to thank all of our acts over the years most of them are personal friends,we have enjoyed every moment of it and have felt very proud seeing the Room full of lovely people enjoying themselves!

We wanted to get one last Christmas in and a big leaving party but unfortunately this was not to be.

We also want to thank each and everyone of our staff over the years again we've met some lovely people and a special thank you to our James who has been with us man and boy a very loyal honest individual who will shall miss!!

This is a chapter in our life that has come to an end and we are feeling very down at the moment but onwards and upwards! We are awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild so we have that to look forward to
as well as spending some quality time with our wonderful kids.

So thank you all and goodbye for now. xxxxxxxxxxx

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